How to earn and redeem Rewards

joe Rewards & Loyalty

The joe Rewards program empowers customers to swiftly accumulate and use rewards, either in smaller increments or for significant discounts. This article will guide you through the joe Rewards structure, detailing how to effortlessly earn and redeem rewards.

How to earn rewards?

For every purchase customers make on the joe, whether in person at one of joe Point of Sale partners, or when they order ahead on the joe Coffee App, points are awarded to their account.

After reaching a point milestone, customers are able to redeem these points for discounts off any hot or cold drink on the menu. 

Customers can review their rewards status under the My Joe tab of the consumer app. For more information on rewards, tap the gray arrow on the far right of the Rewards tracker. 

Rewards structure

Under the new structure, you can redeem points as follows:

  • 250 points = $1 off any drink 
  • 600 points = $3 off any drink
  • 1,000 points = One free drink up to $6 value

Note: Rewards cannot be redeemed on food, shop merchandise, or other menu categories. Rewards only apply to menu items under the hot and cold drink categories on a shop's menu. 

How to redeem rewards?

Customers can redeem their rewards earned in person or when ordering ahead on the joe app. 

To redeem rewards in person:

  1. At checkout, customers will input their loyalty phone number on the screen facing them.
  2. Baristas will see the customer loyalty profile on the checkout screen, as seen below, including their rewards earned that they can redeem.
  3. Tapping the reward will automatically apply the reward to the order.

To redeem rewards in the joe app:

  1. Add items to the cart
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. On the checkout screen, tap the rewards value you'd like to redeem
    1.  If a box is grey instead of blue, you do not yet have enough points to redeem that tier
  4. Scroll down to your ticket to be sure the rewards value has been applied
  5. Verify the payment method you would like to use 
  6. Tap Pay