Checking joe Connectivity

If your joe device is having difficulties, joe's Connection Diagnostics test will help check your shop's Wifi connection, connection to joe Services, and beyond, in as few as 3 seconds.

To run a connection diagnostic

  1. Tap the Wifi symbol in the bottom left-hand corner to open the Connection Diagnostic window. The diagnostics will automatically run, and test across all four connections and across any connected devices.
  2. If connection fails at your Internet, we recommend restarting and reconnecting to your shop's internet.
  3. If connection fails at joe Services, or beyond we recommend reaching out to your joe Success Manager at
  4. Tap Okay to return to your main joe screen.
  5. You can also run this Connection Diagnostic by selecting the Settings gear icon and tapping the Check Network Status button in the Current Status tab. The diagnostic will run automatically and test across all four connections.