- Adding a Bluetooth Card Reader

Set up your Stripe Reader M2 Card Reader

Note: The Stripe Reader M2 reader must be charged to 100% before pairing to your joe device. 

To set up your bluetooth card reader to your POS iPad:

  1. Ensure the bluetooth on your iPad is turned ON.
  2. Plug in bluetooth card reader cradle to reliable power source and turn ON the bluetooth Stripe Reader M2 card reader by pressing and releasing the power button. The status LEDs turn on and the reader beeps twice.
    1. Note: The reader will wait for a Bluetooth connection for five minutes before turning off.
  3. On joe, tap the Gear icon on the left sidebar to open Settings followed by the Card Readers tab.
  4. Tap Add Card Reader. The iPad will search for the bluetooth card reader and request to pair with it. Select Pair in the bluetooth pop up window. 
  5. When the reader connects to the joe POS app on your device, the status LEDs on top of the reader flash four times. After connecting, the first status light begins flashing at five second intervals. 
  6. After paired, we recommend checking for an update and completing a test charge. 

Additional Resources

For additional resources regarding your Stripe Reader M2, we recommend referencing Stripe's support docs.