Add joe to your website

Capture and convert potential customers browsing online by adding joe to your website. Create a custom ordering button that directs users with one click to your joe menu, or use our branded joe web buttons. 


To make the most impact in directing traffic to make a purchase, clearly label your button (i.e. Order Online, Order for Curbside) and make sure customers can easily find it, such as in the top navigation bar. 

Here are few examples from partners of custom ordering buttons they've added to their website.

joe Branded Order Button

Through your merchant portal, have access to two joe branded online buttons that you can easily copy and paste into your website builder. Both buttons provide a context, in a small but eye catching button! Please note, that every website builder is slightly different so google is your friend for any question.

  1. Open two tabs, one with your joe Merchant Portal, the second with your website builder
  2. On the joe portal, click the Promote button from the left menu, followed by Banners
  3. Choose from two joe branded options: a button or a banner
  4. Copy the entire html code for the button/banner and paste into your website builder
  5. Toggle back to the tab with your joe dashboard, click Online Menu Link tab
  6. Next to Visit copy the entire URL  
  7. On your web builder with the button html in edit mode, replace "" in the html code with your online menu link that you just copied in step 6
  8. Save and publish

Create your own Custom Order Button

If you do not wish to use a joe branded button because of branding, we recommend adding your own "Order Online" button that will direct customers to your joe online menu. Each website builder is slightly different, so if you need more assistance, Google is your friend.

To add your joe menu link to your custom button:

  1. Log in to your joe Merchant Portal
  2. In your company dashboard, click the Marketing icon in the top right hand corner, followed first by Online Menu Link. This is the custom URL that will direct potential customers online to your joe menu. 
  3. Copy the entire URL next to "Visit"
  4. Open a new tab. Log in to your website builder to view your page so that you can make edits. 
  5. In your navigation menu, insert a new button that will direct customers to order. Use a simple call-to-action phrase like "Order Now", "Order Online", or "Online for Curbside"
  6. In the settings of the button, insert your joe online menu link from Step 2
  7. Adjust settings of the button to match your branding and fit the aesthetic of your website
  8. Save and publish.