How to print receipts vs tickets with print tasks

After connecting your bluetooth printer to joe Merchant PLUS you need to assign print tasks. For every order that comes in, you can assign what type of ticket you would like printed (full receipt or individual itemized tickets), as well as what categories of your menu you want printed. Assign tasks to fit the flow behind your espresso bar! 

Assign Print Tasks

  1. If you haven't connected your bluetooth printer to joe: Settings (Gear Icon) > Printer > Find Printer > Add
  2. Note: Printers are automatically defaulted to print a receipt and an itemized ticket
  3. To the right of the printer name, select Add Task
  4. In the pop up window, choose your task type 
    1. Receipt - details entire order on one receipt
    2. Item Ticket - prints individual receipts for every item in the order 
  5. If you select Item Ticket, choose the Ticket Type (Individual or Merged) and the Categories for the ticket
  6. Save.
  7. Add additional tasks for additional receipts/tickets on every order
  8. To test your new printer settings: 
    1. Tap the "..." in the top left hand corner, followed by Print