Why can't I hear joe orders come in?

Every incoming mobile order on joe will send an audible alert (Ding!) to notify baristas of a new order. Additionally, if customers order for curbside pick up another audible alert (car honk) will notify baristas that the customer has arrived. If you are experiencing technical issues with your sound, we recommend these troubleshooting steps.
  1. Check the volume on your device - sometimes volume accidentally gets turned down
  2. Check settings on your device - settings > notifications for joe app > enabled

If these two options have not solved the issue we recommend verifying your shop phone number in joe, and setting your shop to "Always Online". If an order is not received within 30 seconds, this Always Online setting will trigger an automated phone call to your shop's phone. From here, your baristas will know that there is a new joe order and they should check the device.