Can I accept joe orders from my own POS?

In short, if your POS is on an iPad - Yes! In a few quick steps, you can run the joe Merchant Plus app in the background of your iPad, "behind" your POS. If you use Square in shop, integrate directly with your Square account - here's how! 

For non-Square POS users, by updating settings all new joe orders will notify baristas with a persistent banner notification. Baristas can then toggle to the joe app to accept and fulfill the order, then toggle back to your POS to take in person orders. Here's these 3 quick steps.

1 - Make sure you're using the latest version of the joe app

  1. Download/update the latest version of the joe Merchant PLUS app, so that your ordering experience is up to date!
    1. Version 1.0.11 or newer (As of 02/17/2021)

2 - Verify your shop phone number & enable Always Online

  1. From your joe Merchant Portal, select your Stores icon from the left menu bar
  2. Click on the Edit Details next to your shop location, followed by the Settings tab
  3. The second section lists your shop phone number, along with an orange Verify Now button. If the number listed is the correct shop number, click the Verify Now button.
  4. You will receive an automated phone call to the number you are verifying, and a pop up window with a verification code will open. 
  5. Enter the verification code on your shop phone. Your store phone is now verified with joe.
  6. Toggle to enable Always Online

3 - Update your app notifications

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad
  2. Update the notifications for joe Merchant PLUS app as persistent notifications