In the reports, what does each column mean?

Here's a list of every column in the three reports, and what each figure represents:

  • Date - date range of transfer
  • Timezone - timezone of store (and report)
  • Store - name of store displayed in our app
  • Store Code - internal name for store (set on edit store screen - i.e. store number)
  • Goods Total - total amount of menu items
  • Tip - tip paid by customer
  • Tax - tax paid by customer
  • Customer Fee -  fee charged to customer ($0.35 per non joe bucks order - not sent to the shop)
  • Taxable Total - amount of rewards used (combination of joe paid and store paid)
  • Processing Fee - our 9% fee
  • Total Merchant Payout - amount transferred to the store's bank account
  • Promo Reimbursement Tax Owed - tax on promotions paid by joe, to be remitted by shop (not collected, but to be taken from Promo Reimbursement total)
  • Reward Reimbursement - amount joe paid for rewards
  • Discount Reimbursement - amount joe paid for discounts
  • joe Promo Reimbursement - amount joe paid for promos and deals