joe Point of Sale FAQ

joe Loyalty and Reward Program? 

The joe POS brings your digital and in-person rewards program together in one seamless experience where customers can earn points across mobile and in-person orders. 

Customers rack up points to redeem on smaller rewards more frequently, or save them up for a free drink! In-person orders can input their phone number on the customer facing device any time during the transaction to claim their points. 

Can customers redeem rewards in person?

Rewards earned can be redeemed through the mobile app. At joe, we believe that you can speed most routine purchases, especially reward redemptions from loyal customers, by moving them to mobile. Prioritizing these orders enhances the customer experience of loyal customers and increases efficiency for baristas behind the bar.

What happens when I, or my customers, need support?

At joe, we pride ourselves on forming true partnerships with the coffee shops we work with. For any needs, from technical support to growth consultations, you’ll be set up with a designated Account Manager.  You can always reach your Account Manager at 

Additionally, you and your customers will be backed by a full joe support team to help with requests.

Can I accept gift cards? Are you going to offer gift cards?

Our philosophy at joe is to move routine, on-the-go purchases like gift card spend, and discount redemptions to mobile ordering to speed up your workflow. Ultimately, this results in a higher ROI on your labor cost for baristas, while creating a better experience on both sides of the counter. 

Digital-only gift cards as well as the ability to reload those cards over and over on the app, we keep coffee budgets tied to local coffee shops, speed up workflows for our partners. If you currently have a balance of gift cards in the hands of your customers, we recommend processing them through your old POS system. Learn how to access joe Gift Cards here! 

Although Physical Gift Cards will be an option in the long term roadmap it is currently not available. At this moment if you do have physical gift cards you can process those gift cards with your current POS or Gift Card System as you transition customers to the digital e-gift card process. 

How do I handle Tip Payout?

As the shop owner, how you divide tips to baristas is up to you. However, we recommend pooling the tips, dividing the tip total by the hours worked for each barista, and adding that total to the barista's paycheck. You can always leverage our Reporting Tab on Learn more about Tip Payout questions and Cash Sales best practices by clicking here

Can I implement miscellaneous charges through a custom keypad?

We currently give you the option to create a Miscellaneous item to allow you to charge items at a rounded number. You can learn more about implementation here! 

Do you have a discount feature available? 

Yes, we currently do have a limited discount option for our partners. Currently our discount feature allows you to implement discount with a code available for in person or mobile users, up to your discretion. This current discount feature only allows for a dollar increments on one item per checkout. Learn more about it here! 

Does joe allow you to process Cash Sales? 

Yes, we have cash till integrations, automatic drawer and cash till features to allow you to close out your daily cash sales transactions. Learn more about Cash Till Best Practices here!

What type of cards and payments can be accepted with the card reader?

Through the joe Point of Sale system you will be able to process Google pay, Apple pay, Samsung pay, chip reader, swipe option and all tap options for cards capable of processing.

What type of printer configurations does joe have? 

Yes, we currently provide two options for our partners using Star Micronic Bluetooth and Ethernet printers to improve workflow. We also have the ability to segment ticket and receipts based on category to support every coffee shops workflow! 

Are there any additional costs associated with this Point of Sale?

With joe POS you simply pay an industry low 2.4% + $0.10 per in-person transaction and you will never pay for a monthly or annual subscription. We have no set up fees and no contracts to reduce friction for coffee shop owners!

How can I handle payroll with joe POS? 

We currently do not offer payroll with our point of sale system. Our partners do utilize third party options such as Homebase, Quickbooks and 7 Shifts for payroll,  taxes, scheduling and tax documentations.