Can I put a limit on a menu item?

If you offer items in shop, such as pastries or doughnuts, that you would like to set an order limit to, Item Limits on your joe menu make that easy.

  1. From your joe menu, select the menu item you would like to limit.
  2. In the Item Tags section of the item, add a key word you would like to use as a tag
    1. Examples: Pastry, Doughnut, Sandwich, Cookie, Seasonal, etc.
  3. Click Enter to ensure they key word is applied
  4. Save.
  5. Click the Settings tab in the right hand corner
  6. Under Item Limits click the orange + icon and use the drop down menu associated with the tag to select the key word
  7. Set the number limit listed to the right of the key word
  8. Save to complete this change to your menu