How to export your customer data

At joe, we understand data about your customers is invaluable information as you grow and scale your business. Access to this data empowers you with more tools to communicate with loyal customers and better retain new visitors. Direct communication with customers also results in increased loyalty, order sizes and of course, more repeat business.

At joe, we collect SMS and email information when customers create an account and upload funds so that you can reach your customers. Below we outline how to collect your consumer data into one location to use in an email campaign or other marketing avenue. 

How can I set this up on joe Merchant Portal?

  1. Log into Merchant Portal
  2. Filter for the Date Range you’d like to capture emails for
  3. Scroll down to the Transaction Report
  4. Copy this information into a google sheet or excel spreadsheet 
  5. Remove and duplicate from the file and copy the remaining emails

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How can I export customer emails on Square?

  1. Log in to your Square Merchant account at
  2. From your home page go to your customer tab - from there select customers tab
  3. Select Export Customers and select specific groups
  4. Click Collected Emails and wait for Square to populate the list
  5. Export and import from the file and copy the remaining emails

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How to export emails on Square